Burnie Timber is proud to announce it’s FIRST 30 years!


September 2021 marked our 30th anniversary in business, serving the Cabinetmaking, Furniture and Construction industries in SA.

During this time we have seen many changes -both for the good and not so good- and Burnie Timber have been there for the ride right alongside our customers and supply partners and we consider you all to be our friends.

Throughout our 30 years, we have managed to maintain a high level of customer service due to the quality of people we employ who care for our customers, and we have always had the flexibility to adapt to our customer’s needs which has kept us at the top of our game for the last 3 decades – and we’re aiming for decades more!

We are excited about continuing to build upon our strong reputation, supporting our customer and supplier relationships, building on solid business foundations and always looking towards new opportunities as we continue to grow.

We would like to say a huge Thank You to all of the people who have stuck with us along the way, we know who you are and we appreciate you- because after all, any business can only be as strong as the sum of it’s parts, and Burnie Timber has been fortunate enough to have some pretty great parts.

Cheers! from The Burnie Timber family