Urban Recons

  • The Urban Recon Veneers are a range of man-made timber veneers which have been produced using FSC certified timber, re-constructed and dyed to create a uniform colour and grained timber veneer product.
  • Urban Recon Veneers are available in 13 great designer colours.
  • All Urban Recon Veneer leaves are produced at 3000mm long, making them particularly suitable for wall and ceiling panels, as well as any other floor to ceiling joinery application.
  • The engineered nature of Urban Recon veneer makes it particularly desirable on large projects requiring consistent colour and grain throughout the whole job
  • As with all types of Timber Veneers, Urban Recons can be laid on any timber panel substrate such as Particleboard, MDF and Plywood to suit any project requirement
  • Typical applications may include:
    • Domestic and Commercial Architectural Joinery
    • Hotel fitout
    • Wall and Ceiling panels
    • Furniture
    • Shopfitting
    • Restaurants and Cafes

Huge range of colors and textures available:

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