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Dillons Bookstore Tree

This was a very complex project which required a very specific solution.

The tree is designed as a centrepiece in the Dillons Bookstore in Norwood, and it’s interesting design required the use of some unique products. A combination of oversized European Birch Ply panels with Echopanel fins between, made this project one of our favourites.

A project such as this one requires a joiner who is up to the task, and RM2 Shopfitters were able to turn this designer’s vision into reality.


Project Details


B/BB European Birch Plywood 1525 x 3050 x 18mm

EchoPanel 579 (Pistachio)

EchoPanel 362 (Lettuce)

EchoPanel 381 (Lime Spice)


Georgie Shepherd Design


RM2 Shopfitters