Riepe Products

Riepe® develop and produce electronically controlled spraying systems for edgebanders together with the relevant chemical products. Supplied by Surteco Australia the attachment of Riepe release agent and cleaning agent spraying units guarantees a workpiece edge which is absolutely free of glue.

RIEPE Products

Surteco Riepe Brochure

Release Agent LPZ/II

Application of this agent to the upper and lower surfaces prevents emerging glue residue from adhering to the workpiece.
Riepe Release Agent LPZ/II MSDS

Release Agent NFLY

Application of this agent onto the pressure roller prevents glue from adhering to it. Can also be applied to other tooling to prevent glue residue adhering.
Riepe Release Ageny NFLY MSDS

Anti-Static Coolant LP289/99

Following the edge banding process, the antistatic coolant LP289/99 is directly sprayed on the glue joint and on the edging material by means of spraying units. It assists curing the glue joint at the surface, thereby notably reducing the glue buildup on the tools and the undesired glue transfer from the tools onto the edging material. Furthermore, the edging material is statically discharged. Tracer rollers and workpieces remain free from milling chips.
Riepe Anti Static Coolant LP289/99 MSDS

Cleaning Agent LP 163/93

Application of this agent in front of the buffing wheel will remove any previously applied release agent, along with any excess glue residue.
Riepe Cleaner LP163/93 MSDS

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